Slum Implosion

In 2012, the State Department of Public Works in Brazil had launched a bid for the project that promised to remove the favela (slum) known as CCPL. The buildings were the former factory of Central Cooperative Milk Producers (CCPL) in Benfica and the implosion consisted of 4 buildings totaling over 452,000 SF. This local article provides more insight as to the reason and future plans of the area CLICK HERE.

The challenge was that these 4 buildings were located close to a very dangerous area (Favela do Jacarezinho) and there were a lot of drug dealers around our site. We couldn’t get out of the site during the night. When the explosives arrived we had to hire a small army of policemen to make sure the explosives were safe throughout the night. Additionally, these structures had 2 train tracks passing in a distance of 25 meters (50 ft) from each side so extreme caution had to be taken to assure no interference with the tracks or train occurred. This was a successful implosion project that lended its fair share of obstacles. Something we are very proud to have overcome.

Thanks to Demolition News for also posting and sharing the below video of this incredible implosion.

Fabio Bruno - Implosion-CCPL building 1.jpg
Fabio Bruno - Implosion-CCPL building 2.jpg
Fabio Bruno - Implosion-CCPL building 3.jpg
Fabio Bruno - Implosion-CCPL building 4.jpg
Fabio Bruno - Implosion-CCPL building 5.jpg