Piura Bridge Implosion

The plan for this Peruvian bridge known as the Piura Bridge was to detonate and implode the whole bridge, including the deck slab and then just use excavators to clean the area and off haul the debris.

We had purchased the explosives locally in Peru and the challenge was that the explosives didn’t work the way we expected. They weren’t quite to the level of the explosives we typically work with so we had to improvise and use more hydraulic hammers than we thought. Essentially this project consisted of a good amount of mechanical demolition and explosive demolition in order to successfully complete the job.

Overall it took a little longer than expected but it was a great success and an explosive demolition project that we were proud to be a part of!

Fabio Bruno - Bridge Implosion - 1.jpg
Fabio Bruno - Bridge Implosion - 2.jpg
Fabio Bruno - Bridge Implosion - 3.jpg