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Implosion Preparation. FBUSA offers implosion preparation services also known as “soft strip” for projects of all types. Our implosion preparation service includes the removal of hazardous materials and the weakening of the building’s structure for safer and more efficient demolition.

Implosion is the process of destroying an existing building or structure using explosives by collapsing it inward. It requires a series of carefully calibrated detonations that cut a building’s structural supports in a well-planned process. When designed and performed correctly, implosion can demolish a structure in a matter of seconds, as opposed to months. Crucial to the success of any implosion are the pre-implosion services offered by FBUSA.

Removal of hazardous materials includes removal of asbestos, flammable materials, and other hazardous materials prior to the implosion. Weakening of the building’s structure ensures safer, more efficient demolition. Columns are drilled and wrapped with Geo Cloth and fencing. All material on columns are banded. Finally, holes are exposed for the placement of explosive blasters.

At Fabio Bruno USA, we can perform all implosion preparation work and then move into setting the explosives and implosion services.

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