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Implosion (Explosive Demolition) Consulting Services FBUSA’s consulting practice can be subdivided into two disciplines: the planning of future work (Project Planning Consulting) and the management of ongoing work (Project Execution Consulting). This consulting practice comes from our extensive experience in the demolition and environmental fields.

Whether budgeting and planning future projects or providing management of ongoing work, our goal is to provide value and risk mitigation helping customers stay on track and make informed planning decisions.

Services provided include:

  • Budget development for future implosion and/or mechanical demolition work.

  • Explosive Demolition or Mechanical Demolition method analysis.

  • Schedule development.

  • Asset appraisals.

  • Precondition surveys.

  • Legacy document preparation (i.e., study of legacy infrastructure to remain following project completion).

  • Management and acting as owners agent overseeing ongoing project activities.

  • Oversight of explosive processes and their direct and collateral effects of blast vibration, fly off projectiles and overpressure whether the source of the explosion is accidental, criminal, or a conventional industrial use.

  • Blasting and vibration control - FBUSA is experienced vibration control specialists and will assess potential exposure and vibration damage on consulting projects. With institutional ties to leading seismic instruments FBUSA provides the expertise and instrumentation necessary to ensure the most definitive monitoring and blast design services available anywhere. 

Please contact us today to learn more about our explosive demolition consulting services and see how we can meet the needs of you and your project.