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Dismantling or Deconstruction is the deliberate pulling down, destruction or taking apart of a structure, or a substantial part of the structure. It includes dismantling for re-erection or re-use. Demolition does not include such operations as making openings for doors, windows, services, or removing non-structural elements such as cladding, roof tiles or scaffolding. Such operations may, however, form part of demolition or dismantling work when carried out alongside other activities.

The Difference Between Demolition & Deconstruction Deconstruction is considerably way more labor intensive as it involves the hand dismantlement of potential recyclables and therefore in addition to be more labor intensive can be more time consuming than conventional structural demolition that utilizes heavy equipment, specialized attachments and recycling equipment. The goal of both demolition and deconstruction is the same, to maximize the amount of marketable recycled material generated on a project site. As the recycling rates from both conventional demolition and what is called deconstruction are generally about the same, often close to 90% of the material on a project site, the major difference between the two processes tends to be that deconstruction is usually much more labor-intensive than conventional demolition where a considerable amount equipment and technology is used.

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